Using Jira for Professional Scrum: My Top 5 Tips

The reality is that most developers and agile practitioners do not get much say in which tool they use to manage their Scrum artifacts. And yet, we still need them to enable our individuals to have positive interactions.

I recommend taking RESPONSIBILITY for using your tools in a professional manner.

These are my top 5 tips for doing just that:

#5: Visualize PBIs instead of sub-tasks
#4: Don’t forget to set a resolution on whatever your Done transition is
#3: Use Days In Column
#2: Use Actionable Agile
#1: Let the team control their workflow!

What did I miss? Do you want to see more JIRA content? Would you like to see a walkthrough of how to use Actionable Agile to start using Flow Metrics as a way to improve your team’s flow? Drop a comment below.

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